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Hoyalux Classic

For clear and natural vision

Hoyalux Classic customised multifocal lenses provide clear, relaxed vision and effortless focusing for all distances – near, intermediate and far.

Utilising state-of-the-art technology, the lenses are customised to each person’s prescription, providing clear, natural vision and easy adaption. Hoyalux iD Classic is the perfect solution for anybody who requires versatile all-in-one lenses.

Standard mutlifocal lenses

Standard multifocal lenses have large distortion areas at the sides of the lens. Common complaints include a ‘swim and sway’ feeling when moving around and vision problems when changing focus from near to far distance.

Hoyalux Classic lenses

Hoyalux Classic lenses provide natural stable vision when moving around. Near and intermediate vision fields are extremely wide, so you can comfortably use mobile devices and read. With Classic you will enjoy supremely effortless focusing, relaxed vision, crisper and clearer images. Welcome to clear and natural vision.