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Enjoy the ride with EnRoute

EnRoute lenses minimise the stress on the visual system for motorists and provide a more relaxed driving experience. Combining a premium single vision or progressive lens design with a specially developed Glare Filter and an optional contrast enhancing filter, EnRoute lenses offer improved contrast and brightness perception in low-light conditions, fog and rain. They significantly reduce reflections and uncomfortable glare from oncoming traffic. The lens design is further optimised for the viewing distance to the dashboard and mirrors, and includes optional tailoring to the individual wearing conditions, for a natural, relaxed driving posture.

EnRoute Pro is also available, developed specially for professional drivers.

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The eyeglass wearer will benefit from

Greater visual comfort

Clear, relaxed vision in all directions and at all distances

Enhanced contrast, improving clarity and colour perception

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Hoya Vision has an amazing portfolio of lenses that covers pretty much every option

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Female Hoya Vision optician working in an optician practice

Creating the perfect customer experience

Hoya Vision tools make your work comfortable and effective, and provide an outstanding customer experience

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Process optimization

Optimizing processes is maximizing profitability. We provide the tools for improving your work-flow and processes.

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Shop experience

Hoya Vision’s range of excellent tools for an effective and pleasant customer experience.

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