Lens Materials

Rows of Hoya Vision eyeglass lenses

Yes, the lens material really makes a difference!

Although transparent – and ideally invisible – the lens material as such is a most important component, both for your vision and for your look. Typically, Hoya Vision lenses are not glass but are instead made of unique plastic compositions that offer performance as well as unrivalled optical features.

The different materials have different refractive indexes. The higher the index, the thinner and lighter the lenses are. This way optical distortions can be reduced – especially for high prescriptions. Also, reduced weight makes the eyeglasses more comfortable to wear.

Ultra High Index

Our thinnest lens material

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High Index 1.67

A premium high-index lens material

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High Index 1.60

Premium organic lens material

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Impact Resistant

An exceptionally strong lens material

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Plastic 1.50

Budget-friendly and reliable

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