Progressive lenses

Male wearing eyeglasses holding mobile phone at a train station

Just like having several spectacles in one lens

Are you having increasing difficulty focusing at close range? Do you experience momentarily blurred vision when transitioning between viewing distances?

Then you may have presbyopia, a common change in eyesight that typically affects people over the age of 40, and progressive lenses could be the solution for you. Progressive lenses have a gradual curvature across the lens surface and provide not only clearer vision at near and far distances, but also smooth, comfortable progression in between.

We’ve taken a research-oriented approach to progressive lens development. Rather than relying on traditional lens-making techniques, we’ve revolutionized progressive lens design technology, enabling vision correction tailored to your personal needs.

Individualized Dual Surface Progressive

100% personalized – 100% you

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Customized Dual Surface Progressive

Tailored to your personal lifestyle

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Premium Freeform Progressive

Comprehensive solution for a fast-paced environment

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