An effective business partner

Hoya Vision male optician handing a young girl a Hoya bag

A partner who supports YOU is a partner to trust

We believe in effective long-term business partnerships, and such partnerships should rely on solid cornerstones. Our dedication to support you as an independent Eye Care Professional is manifested in different ways, for example, with our HOYA+YOU program.


Female Hoya Vision optician behind eye testing machinery

Independence – commitment – trust

A partner must be reliable over time. Hoya Vision's agenda is to supply you and your customers with state-of-the-art eyeglass technology. We're a partner dedicated to supporting you develop your own business.
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Pair of glasses with Hoya Vision digital lenses sat on a table

Superior product quality

Superior product quality is fundamental to customer satisfaction. As we are a leading innovative manufacturer, you can always rely on our premium quality products –and you can be confident in telling your customers their vision will be optimized in the best way possible.
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Hoya Vision digital lens being manufactured

Advanced lens technology

Relying on the most advanced lens technology will provide your customers with cutting-edge products and an outstanding customer experience.
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Male and female opticians both wearing eye glasses with Hoya Vision lenses looking at a laptop screen

Effective services and support

It's not only about spectacles. You have our support through the entire process from marketing and customer care to first-class product ordering and delivery. There is a range of different services for improving and optimizing your optical business.
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With Hoya Vision as a partner you benefit from