1.67 Exceptionally durable

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Superior clarity, comfort and style

Hoya's Premium High-index Organic Lens Material
Index 1.67 is a premium high-index lens material. It is thin and lightweight yet optically pure. It offers the perfect combination of clarity, comfort and style.

Key features
With a refractive index of 1.67, it is suited for wearers with a moderate to high prescription who require a strong, elegant lens. It is:

  • Strikingly thin: Up to 40% thinner than a standard index lens
  • Strong and flexible: Five times stronger than a standard index lens
  • Reliable: Heat resistant up to 95°C for easy processing, including tinting and coating

Key benefits
Index 1.67 is the perfect combination of looks and substance. Choose this premium lens material and benefit from:

  • Optical purity and exceptional durability
  • Lightweight lenses that are extremely comfortable to wear

The eyeglass wearer will benefit from

Flexible with high tensile strength

Lightweight lenses that are extremely comfortable to wear

Protection from UV rays

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