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Created for visual efficiency at work

Exceptional Vision for Superior Performance
Do your wearers experience discomfort when using digital devices? According to the Blue Light Exposure and Digital Eye Strain Report done by The Vision Council in 2017, 88.6% of presbyopes feel discomfort when working on their digital devices for more than two hours. Wearing the most suitable lens design for your activity will help to alleviate the visual discomfort.

About Hoyalux WorkStyle
Visual needs of different occupations vary depending on your working distance. Many people spend more time on screens and activities which require focusing at near and intermediate work. Hoyalux WorkStyle is designed specially for such activities to provide wearers with a wide visual field where they can enjoy a clear and relaxed vision.

Add on Hoya lens’ treatments and coatings for better lens durability and eye protection.

Reading book through unclear tinted lenses

Standard Progressive Lens

Narrow near and intermediate visual fields

WorkStyle V+

Personalised indoor lens catered for different visual needs with wider near and intermediate visual fields compared to progressive lenses, covering a up to 6 metres

WorkStyle Business

Incorporating more advanced technologies such as Integrated Double Surface Technology to fit the vision needs of workplace environment

View of desk with book, laptop and coffee cup on desk

WorkStyle Room

For indoor use, for distance up to 4 metres

Half clear half blurry view of desk with book, laptop and coffee cup on desk

WorkStyle Desk

For desk work, covering up to 1.2 metres

Blurred image of person reading with clear view at bottom through reading glass lens

Standard Reading Glass

Clear at reading distance only

Available in space, screen, close designs

The eyeglass wearer will benefit from

Excellent depth and width perception at near and intermediate distances

Wider field of view when using digital devices

Natural posture at desk

Tailor-made for indoor environment clarity

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Hoya Vision has an amazing portfolio of lenses that covers pretty much every option

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Female Hoya Vision optician working in an optician practice

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