Photochromic lenses

Sense the difference

Sensity photochromic lenses offer comfort, increased versatility, and improved, faster reacting lenses that suits all kinds of urbanites. Empower them to choose the style, coating and colour that suits their lifestyle. Deliver more, with Sensity 2.

Each new and improved lens is precision crafted with Stabilight technology, offering tested synergy between lens and coating - plus the flexibility and versatility that every wearer deserves.

The full Sensity family

Sensity 2

Newly improved light-adaptive lenses that offers almost x2 as fast fade-back speed compre to the previous Sensity generation – rapidly fading back to allow an extremely clear lens indoors.

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Sensity Shine

Offering a stylish, lightly mirrored coating, eye-catching in the light but subtle indoors. Ideal for fashion-forward customers.

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Sensity Dark

Delivering extra darkness outdoors, reacting to a wider light spectrum. Perfect for on-the-go, active lens wearers.

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