Hoyalux Dynamic

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Advanced technology for comfortable vision

Quality of vision plays a vital role in our day-to-day life. With rapidly changing environments, our progrssive lenses need to evolve to adapt to this ever-changing world.

Thanks to Hoya Back side Freeform technology, the progresive is produced on the back side of lenses to provide wearers a wider vision.

 This lens is the perfect solutino for people who live in a fast-paced environment and require versatile all-in-one lenses. It also fits for people who pursing pursuit exceptional clarity in multi-tasking environments and under all conditions.

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Standard Lens

Larger distortion zones at the sides of the lenses

Preview of dynamic premium lenses while user is on tablet

Dynamic Summit

Allows quick focusing from far to near and provides wearers with a natural head posture

Preview of dynamic premium lenses while user is on tablet

Dynamic Premium

Reduced swim and sway effect even when moving around and provides a wider field of field compared to standard lenses

The patient will benefit from

A wider field of vision and less image distortion as compared to conventional and front surface progressive lenses

Reduction in the unpleasant swim and sway effect associated with progressive lenses

Natural head posture

Quick focusing from far to near and vice versa

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Recommendation is one thing, experience is another. For me, I can recommend Hoya Vision in good conscience because I know that my colleague is going to have a fantastic experience.

Stephen Vandevyver, i care Opticians

Male Hoya Vision optician in an opticians practice

Creating the perfect customer experience

Hoya Vision tools make your work comfortable and effective, and provide an outstanding customer experience

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Process optimization

Optimizing processes is maximizing profitability. We provide the tools for improving your work-flow and processes.
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Shop experience

Hoya Vision’s range of excellent tools for an effective and pleasant customer experience.
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