Tint Lens

Female wearing tinted eyeglasses and sun hat in sun

Live life in full colour

Tinted lenses for Every Need

As colour trends have changed, Hoya’s range of tinted lenses has been updated with new colours in various densities and graduated tints. The palette includes exciting shades of colours, such as brown, grey, blue, green and pink. 

About Eyeveil 3

Hoya offers full colour and gradient colour options as well as functional colours suited for specific activities. Depenidng on the tint colour and intensity chosen, wearers may beneft from enhanced colour contrast for specific activities and a better colour perception. 

Painting of buildings through eyeglass lens

Standard Lens without tint

No enhanced colour contrast and excessive light under bright conditions

Image seen through eyeveil lens

Eyeveil 3

Enhanced colour contrast and reduces excessive light for a more comfortable vision

White background with black eyeveil logo

The eyeglass wearer will benefit from

Extensive colour range to select from

More comfortable vision when outdoors

Selection of fashionable colours for aesthetic purpose which suitable for indoor wear