Premium Coatings

Woman wearing eyeglasses with Hoya Vision lenses behind a scratched screen

Lens treatment and coating – the icing of the cake

Actually, treating lenses is like icing a cake. Hoya Vision’s lens treatments are bonded to the surface of the lens or incorporated into the lens during the manufacturing process for maximum durability. You can opt for a single anti-reflective coating or a combination of several lens treatments. Depending on your needs and preferences, different types of lens treatments will make the lens perfectly suited to you.

Hi-Vision LongLife

The hardest, most durable anti-reflective coating available today. Its scratch-resistant, water, dirt and dust-repellent properties remain almost intact, even after intensive cleaning.

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Blue Control

Protect you from harmful blue light emitted by digital screens

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UV Control

100% UV protection, from front side to back side

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Bacterial Control

Reduce bacteria growth by at least 99.9%

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