Individualized Dual Surface Progressive

Male and female both wearing eyeglasses with Hoya Vision lenses in an art gallery

Crafted for you only

Do you experience problems focusing at a range of distances but find that traditional progressive lenses cause unpleasant swim and sway? Then the award-winning Hoya Vision Individualized Dual Surface Progressive lens is right for you. Experience an unprecedented level of individualization and clear, stable vision, every time and everywhere.

Your prescription is only the beginning. Our comprehensive design consultation also takes into account different visual aspects of your life, like how often you read from a smart phone, or drive at night, or take a trail run in the park. Subjective data points like these are factored into your lens design, as well as your precise fitting preferences, to suit your visual needs.

View of map through standard PAL lens

Standard Progressive Lenses

Larger distortion zones at the sides of the lenses

User holding camera taking image of street through an eyeglass lens

MyStyle Profile

Pre-customised balanced design with good visual clarity for all distances

Image of map through eyeglass lens which is blurry in places

MyStyle V+

Uses technology to analyse and offer wearers a highly personalised design that best suits them


You will benefit from

Excellent visual performance from made-to-measure approach

Reduced visual distortion with Hoya Integrated Double Surface Design

Improved depth of perception and effortless focusing with Binocular Harmonisation Technology

High level optical performance

Easy adaptation from customised lenses that takes into account wearer's power, lifestyle and past wearing experiences

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