Male wearing eyeglasses stood infront of vintage car at tunnel enterance

The driving lens that takes you places

Driving requires good and unrestricted vision. Drivers need clear vision at all distances; anticipate what is happening in the distance; deal with blinding glare from oncoming traffic and street lights; monitor the speedometer and navigation system; use the mirrors and deal with different weather as well as light situations that compromise the vision. Hoya’s EnRoute lenses have considered the environmental and personal factor which affect a driver’s vision.

Designed to meet the visual demands of drivers, EnRoute lenses are equipped with technologies which cut glare by reducing light scatter and improving contrast as well as brightness perception. Hence EnRoute provides wearers
with a comfortable and relaxed vision in various weather and light conditions.

The eyeglass wearer will benefit from

Less eye fatigue

High clarity and optical accuracy

Comfortable vision when driving with an enhanced colour contrast perception