Tinted and Sun Lenses

Female wearing tinted eyeglasses and sun hat in sun

Colorful lenses for the colorful you

Your spectacle frames can say a lot about who you are; tinted lenses can say even more. Express yourself with Hoya Vision’s extensive range of colors that can be applied to most Hoya Vision lenses, whatever your prescription.

As color trends have changed, Hoya Vision’s range of tinted lenses has been updated with new colors in various densities and graduated tints. The palette includes shades of brown, gray, blue, green and pink as well as a selection of sunglass tints. With a chocie of 22 types of colors, it enables wearers to match the most appropriate color to establish personal style. Tint can be combined with all Hoya Vision lens designs to provide clear and durable wearing experience.

You will benefit from

Extensive colour range to select from

More comfortable vision when outdoors

Selection of fashionable colours for aesthetic purpose which suitable for indoor wear