Product Verification

How to verify your lens?

In order to allow consumers to check the authenticity of the lens, a set of laser engraving marks will be printed on the front surface of the lens during production process and a product verficiation card will be dispatched to consumers. These measures enable both optical stores and consumers to have ways to verfiy the product information more easily and conveniently and the utimate purpose is to help consumers make sure they purchase the authentic product.

Brand and progressive lens engraving mark

All Hoya lens has a brand laser mark (-) engraved during production process. This mark is visable when it comes to specific light condition and thus it will not cause you any vision block. Also because of it, the mark is hard to look through by eyes. If this is the case, you may ask for your eyecare professional to guide you finding it. Moreover, different product has different production setting, the brand laser mark (-) might be cut during the edging process. As such, it is possible that the mark will be omitted yet it is still our authentic product.

Besides, all of the Hoya's progrssive lens is engraved a transparet mark (near the bridge size). The marks will be varied based on the lens design you purchased. You may ask the eyecare professional to help you identifying its location and design.

Product authenticity card

All finished Hoya lens contains a piece of product authenticity card stating the lens specification such as lens design, index and prescription, etc. It allows consumers to match its information with the receipt information issued by optical store to make sure they get what they buy. Moreover, each product authenticity card has a set of unique ID number (8 digits). Consumers can make use of it to verify the product information in future.