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Energises your eyes

The Recommended Solution for Digital Users

In a world that revolves around digital communications, we are increasingly spending a large part of our life in front of a screen. With an increase in the usage of digital devices, many people today experience eyestrain. The 3 main causes of eyestrain are:

  • Long hours of focusing
  • Reduced blinking rate
  • Excessive exposure to blue light

About Remark Dynamic

Provides support above and beyond a traditional single vision lens. It is suitable for people who lead a busy and lifestyle. Provides an additional functional support at the inferior part of the lens for activities such as reading and using digital devices.


  • Extra support allowing the wearer to perform better for longer
  • Relaxed and focused vision in all directions and at all distances
  • Effortless focusing and refocusing
  • A lens perfectly adapted to any lifestyle
  • Smoother future transition from single vision to multifocal lenses for younger presbyopes

The eyeglass wearer will benefit from

Comfortable vision for digital device usage

Better optical performance for near work

Smooth transition from viewing far to near and vice versa

Creating the perfect customer experience

Hoya Vision tools make your work comfortable and effective, and provide an outstanding customer experience

Hoya Vision for eye care professionals process optimization

Process optimization

Optimizing processes is maximizing profitability. We provide the tools for improving your work-flow and processes.

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