Why should you choose a lens treatment for your glasses?

There are many types of lens treatments and they always come with a cost. Why should you pay for something that may or may not work ? How do you know it works for you? Here are a few lens treatment tips for you.


Let’s be clear on one thing. Modern lens treatment is far, far away from the old coated lenses. Old anti-reflective coating wasn’t water, dust and dirt repellent. The coating was also more sensitive to mechanical wear. The adhesion technique was less sophisticated than today which often led to peeling.


Today’s lens treatments can enhance optical clarity, visual comfort and increase protection for your eyes. High clean ability, dirt repellent, anti-static properties and high scratch resistance are also new features available in the latest generations of top coatings. The treatment is thermally fixed in together with the lens and the material characteristics of the two are the same so the delamination problem is long gone.


You can opt for an anti-reflective coating or a combination of several lens treatments. The types of lens treatments and their benefits will help you determine which are best suited to you:


  • Top anti-reflective coatings

    Minimises glare and offer scratch-resistance and water, dirt and dust repellent. In addition, your eyes can be more protected against the harmful effects of UV or feel more comfortable using digital devices thanks to blue light reduction. Can also be combined with Photochromic or Tinted lenses.


  • Photochromic lenses

    Reacts to changing light conditions, quickly darkening to attractive sunglasses outdoors and fading back to clear indoors.


  • Tinted lenses

    Protects your eyes from the sun and provides a fashionable look. Can have also functionality as contrast enhancing for sports activities.


You must be aware of that modern lens treatments are not the same as old anti-reflective coating. Not only will the treatment give you better eyesight, it will also make your glasses last longer. In summary:


  • Lens treatments allow more light through the lens hence better eyesight and comfort and aesthetic appearance
  • Lens treatment will make the lenses water, oil, and dirt repellent
  • The treatment will reduce scratches on the lenses
  • Lens treatment will make the lenses easier to clean


So, whether you are looking for an extra protection or comfort, the convenience of easy cleaning or the benefit of reduced glare, there is a lens treatment to match. And, you will find it worth more than the extra spend.