Take care of your eyes!

Close your eyes for a minute. Make yourself a cup of coffee with your eyes still closed. Or, send an email to a friend. It's not until you can’t see you really understand the true value of your eyes. Yet, we take them for granted. Here are some things to think about…


First, do you know all about the anatomy of an eye? You know, how the eye works. An array of light bouncing off a beautiful object hits your pupil and is bent into the lens to focus on the retina at the back of your eye. Here the light will be picked up by millions of light-sensitive cells that convert the light into electrical signals which are transmitted through the nerves to your brain. The brain interprets the electrical signals and constructs the image of the object that you enjoy.


It is a fantastic process. However, so many things can go wrong. Age, stress, g-forces, eye pressure, blood pressure, physical trauma, it can all damage the function of an eye. Think about what your eyes have to deal with. Maybe you are a sailor in sunny and salty waters, maybe you are a boxer, maybe you are a scientist in the arctic region. Or, maybe you just work too much. Eyes are definitely affected by what you do and where you do it. In many cases, the deviation from perfect vision can be corrected for by glasses. Your optician can tell you.


Remember that a good optician is an expert in eye care and eyewear. They have knowledge and experience. They use advanced technology and have access to innovative products with high quality. Make a habit of consulting your optician regularly. They can update you on the status of your eyes and, if needed, recommend you what to do.


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