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Yuniku Collection

The essence of Yuniku is to “see perfect”and “fit perfect”. The mantra of Ørgreen is to “look perfect”. In the Ørgreen+Yuniku collection it all comes together in a trinity completing the eyewear experience. Selecting the right design makes you look perfect as well as seeing perfect. With Ørgreen’s refined lines and shapes the individual face achieve exactly that. The Ørgreen+Yuniku collection consists of wearable designs and colours with purpose to enhance your style and express your individuality.

The Yuniku eyeglasses signed by Hoet are characterised by style and technique. The nylon mounting enables a minimalist design with or without a fine rim as aesthetic detail. By taking full advantage of the technique, material and form, this collection has achieved subtle elegance.

Streamlined like a car, drawn as if with eyeliner, this collection differentiates itself by the use of new materials and techniques which creates an endless freedom for design and style. This makes this young collection unique in its segment. Design as basis for affordable and yet very comfortable (sun)glasses with a sporty look.