Defocus Incorporated Multiple Segments (D.I.M.S.) Technology

D.I.M.S. Technology

MiYOSMART lenses with D.I.M.S. technology helps to curb myopia progression in an average of 59% of children through controlling eye growth⁷.

  • A non-invasive solution that corrects myopic refractive error while effectively curbing myopia progression in average by 59%³ at the same time.
  • Slows axial eye growth in average by 60%³

Principle of D.I.M.S. Technology

MiYOSMART with D.I.M.S. technology is a single vision corrective lens with a convex surface that is comprised of hundreds of small segments, each providing myopic defocus. This lens structure makes it possible to simultaneously retard the growth of the eyeball and provide clear vision.

To effectively control myopia progression, myopic defocus has to be experienced by the wearer constantly, even during eye movement. This requires a significant quantity of defocus segments to be evenly distributed on the lens surface.

With its decades of experience in ophthalmic lens production and development, Hoya Vision Care incorporated the D.I.M.S. technology and successfully produced smooth-surfaced lenses with multiple defocus segments. Due to the excellent concept and innovative production technology, MiYOSMART’s cosmetic appearance is highly similar to regular single vision lenses.