Amplitude TrueForm

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All round flexible design

Amplitude is Hoya Vision's all round flexible design, is available in two corridor lengths and offers reliable Hoya quality to progressive lens wearers that don’t have specific design demands. Amplitude TrueForm has all the proven benefits of Hoya’s conventional Amplitude, but offers wider distortion free fields of vision and optimised visual perception for your patients.

The key benefits of Amplitude TrueForm are improved interaction between distance and near portions. Flexibility and freedom of frame choice with 2 corridor lengths. Improved adaptation, as surfacing is optimised for each addition. Ideal for presbyopes attracted to technological innovation with a limited budget.

The patients will benefit from

Natural, stable vision even when moving around

Perfect and effortless focusing and excellent depth of vision

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Recommendation is one thing, experience is another. I can recommend Hoya Vision in good conscience because I know that my colleague is going to have a fantastic experience.

Stephen Vandevyver, i care Opticians

Male Hoya Vision optician in an opticians practice

Creating the perfect customer experience

Hoya Vision tools make your work smooth and effective, and provide an outstanding customer experience

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Process Optimisation

Optimising processes is maximising profitability. We provide the tools for improving your workflow and processes.

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Shopping experience

Hoya Vision's range of excellent tools provides an effective and pleasant customer experience.

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