Stand out with outstanding comfort

Hoya introduced its first Sensity lenses back in 2014 with the goal to provide wearers with the comfort they need in all different light situations. Thanks to Stabilight Technology, this breakthrough product is still the foundation of the Sensity family.

Make sure your customers experience the highest user convenience as well as the best protection. Stabilight Technology ensures a solid performance in different climates, different seasons and different circumstances. Not only do the lenses darken to an attractive category 3 sun lens tint faster than before: they also quickly fade back to full clarity as soon as the ambient light intensity diminishes. During these rapid transitions, total UV protection remains in place and the wearer does not have the struggle of changing between different eyewear.

Outstanding natural colours

With Sensity photochromic lenses, your customers will get comfortable vision in all different light situations and at the same time, the light reactive lenses don’t compromise on contrast or colour perception. Your customers get to choose from three natural tints that were developed by colour specialists to harmonise with sun lens trends, thereby guaranteeing them a contemporary look. There is a neutral grey tone called ‘Silver Grey’, a more flamboyant ‘Bronze Brown’ and a lively and slightly intense ‘Emerald Green’.

Silver Grey

Bronze Brown

Emerald Green

Your customers will benefit from

An attractive sun lens tint when outdoors

Exceptional indoor clarity

100% protection against UV rays

Reduced glare