Sensity 2

Woman on public transport wearing photochromic lenses

Any light. Anywhere. Any time.

In 2015 we introduced Sensity providing comfort, and versatility to patients. Now, Sensity 2 offers even more benefits, improved technology and superior features, including a fade-back speed that’s almost twice as fast.

Sensity 2 rapidly darkens to an attractive, category 3 sun lens tint, and fades back faster than ever before – offering 100% protection in all light. Deliver comfort, no matter the climate, season or lifestyle.

Sense the innovation

Our industry-leading knowledge empowers us to bring your patients more. Stabilight technology offers consistent performance, plus microscopically accurate spin-coating process for better, long lasting adhesion.

What’s more, Sensity 2 doesn’t compromise on style or colour perception – let your patients wear what suits them most. We offer three deep, natural tints, developed by colour specialists.

Your patients benefit from

Attractive sun lens tint outdoors

Faster fade back to indoor clarity

Constant 100% protection against UV rays

Reduced glare

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