Photochromic Lenses

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Innovative photochromic technology

Made with our innovative Stabilight Technology ™, Hoya Vision Photochromic Lenses react consistently to light, UV rays and temperature, regardless of the circumstances.

Specifically tailored to advanced freeform lenses, Light Reactive Lenses is available in a wide range of combinations. It is compatible with all our single vision and progressive lens designs as well as our premium coatings.

Thanks to the Stabilight Technology™, lenses are up to 20% less temperature sensitive, and perform consistently in all climates and seasons with fast color transitions. Our proprietary spin coating process, Photochromic Precision Technology, ensures even distribution of molecules over the lens surface for the highest optical quality and prolonged durability.

A choice of three natural tints – bronze brown, silver gray and emerald green – provides superior contrast and glare reduction, with up to 35% richer color tones without impacting vision or color perception. Tints range from a category 3 sun tint outdoors to full clarity indoors.

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