Photochromic Lenses

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Photochromic lenses

Have you ever considered prescription sunglasses? There’s no need for them if you choose photochromic lenses because they change tint according to the light conditions. In strong sunlight, your spectacles work as sunglasses. Indoors, they are your normal clear spectacles. If you don’t want to carry extra glasses or dislike constant switching, then photochromic lenses are for you.  

Innovative photochromic technology

Light Reactive Lenses

Light reactive lenses were developed to react consistently to light, UV rays and temperature. They darken quickly when you step outdoors and fade back just as quickly to full clarity indoors. During these rapid transitions, total UV protection is maintained.

Specifically tailored to advanced freeform lenses, Light reactive lenses is available in a wide range of combinations.

A choice of three natural tints – bronze brown, silver gray and emerald green – provides superior contrast and glare reduction, with up to 35% richer color tones without impacting vision or color perception. Tints range from a category 3 sun tint outdoors to full clarity indoors.

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