A perfect fit by cutting-edge technology

Hoya Vision lens in a machine

Cutting-edge technology for perfect fit

Our dedication to innovation together with the advanced tools we place at your disposal, make it possible for you to achieve perfectly fitting eyeglass lenses and frames for each individual customer, every time –  easily, quickly and conveniently to both you and your customer.

Machine holding Hoya Vision precision lens

Precision lens technologies

Lens making is a delicate process. It depends, to a large extent, on the technological skills and knowledge of the manufacturer. Even the smallest error can have a major impact on your customers' quality of vision. We develop our lens technology to support opticians who want to be sure they are selling the highest quality products and wearers who desire clear, comfortable vision at all times.

Hoya Vision lens in manufacturing machine

The tailored lens solution

All our lenses are produced with freeform surfacing. The main benefit of this lens technology is that we can consider the lens surface as a series of individual points. We then cut each of these points – at the pixel level – along multiple axes. Such precision means that we can optimize each lens for every prescription. We can even incorporate frame, fitting and wearing parameters into the lens calculation. The result is a highly personalized lens, every time. 

Optical perfection for everyone

Our achievements in lens technology guarantee the unsurpassed binocular performance of each lens design. We strive to help the large group of spectacle wearers who suffer from asthenopic complaints caused by visual imbalance. In addition, our lens technology provides effortless focusing and relaxed, stable vision in today’s dynamic, digital world.

Female sat at a desk wearing a pair of Hoya Vision eyeglass lenses reading from a page

Binocular Harmonization Technology and Binocular Eye Model are used for our latest generation of Hoyalux iD V+ lenses. They offer unprecedented binocular performance, perfect and effortless focusing, and excellent depth of vision.

Female outside in a turquoise top wearing a pair of eyeglasses with Hoya Vision digital lenses

iD FreeForm Design Technology, Hoya Vision’s leading and award-winning lens technology, is used to produce our Hoyalux iD family of advanced progressive lenses. It provides perfectly balanced, wide, distortion-free vision and smooth transition between far and near.

Older male wearing a pair of Hoya Vision digital lenses taking a photograph

TrueForm Technology is used to produce our family of premium progressives, single vision, indoor and bifocal lenses.

Male applying coating to Hoya Vision lenses

Number one in coatings

It is not only lens design and material that sets a top-quality lens apart. The coating makes a crucial difference. This is especially true for the coatings developed by our in-house engineers. They guarantee an innovative and highly reliable finishing touch.

Our long-time experience in, and in-depth knowledge of quality coatings have made us number one in sustainable adhesion technologies.
Male applying coating to Hoya Vision lenses
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