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With the help of valuable consumer insights and superb lens coatings from Hoya, you can raise the amount of happy customers in your store by changing their approach to coatings from “not sure” to “must have”.

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How do you explain the need for coatings?

Sometimes the conversation about coatings results in a shrug and a head shake from the customer. The functionalities of coatings are not of interest to people, and neither are generic terms.

What does interest them though, is how to prevent daily annoyances. A recent independent social study found out that people are particularly annoyed by scratches, dirt, and reflections on their lenses.*

With a profound understanding of their needs, you can offer the best solution for their lens-related annoyances.

*Independent research study amongst ECP & consumers from seven countries. Data on file Hoya Vision Care 2019

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The five steps to position yourself as an optical expert

  1. Submit the form with your advice on how people can avoid scratches, dirt, and reflections on their lenses.
  2. Submit your details
  3. Your tips will be reviewed by Hoya and if we make changes to the text, we will seek approval from you first.
  4. All approved advices will be published on this page.
  5. Spectacle wearers will be able to read your advice and contact you via email to get in touch.

Benefit from offering Hoya HI-Vision longlife

The coating that prevents the most common annoyances among spectacle wearers.