Optimized processes

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I need to improve my processes – and my business

Optimizing processes will improve workflows, cost and time efficiency, and increase customer satisfaction. At the end of the day, optimizing processes will maximize profitability. Hoya Vision provides a range of tools for improving your processes, all the way from first customer contact to final delivery.


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An extremely user-friendly online ordering system that adapts to you, instead of the other way around. Easy input – smart output.
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This open architecture system connecting all HOYA Vision tools allows any software-driven system to add data to your order process to avoid double entry.
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Hoya Tracer

An excellent tracer to accurately and precisely measure the dimensions of a frame. This measurement helps to optimize the fitting of the lenses into the frame.
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The Hoya Vision support web portal helps you enhance your everyday business and marketing efficiency. All that you need – in one handy place.
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Hoyanet App

Convenient access to Hoyanet from your iPhone or iPad.