Most of us now spend an average of 8 to 10 hours a day1 looking at digital screens.
Switching between devices and screens can be very demanding on your eyes. Progressive lenses that are individually tailored to your needs can improve the quality and comfort of your vision. Hoyalux ID Myself lenses offer:

  • Exceptional clarity of vision.
  • Easy to switch focus between near and far distances with fewer head movements.
  • Stable vision at all times, especially when using digital devices such as laptops and smartphones.
  • Less swim and swaying feeling, with significantly reduced blurred areas
  • Outstanding visual comfort.
  • A far easier transition period, as they are 100% tailored to your needs.
1 Independent research study among consumers. Data on file Hoya Vision Care 2017.
Standard Lens
* Thanks to innovative technologies applied, you can see the difference between Hoyalux ID Myself and standard progressive lenses.