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Award-winning anti-reflective coatings for performance and protection.

Traitements anti-reflet

Hoya Vision digital lens material

Performance and protection

From grease and dust to accidental scratches and changing weather conditions; lenses go through a lot.

Offer your patients the ease of minimal maintenance and maximum durability with our advanced anti-reflective coatings. Developed in-house, they will ensure your patients’ lenses can endure the daily wear and tear.

Hi-Vision LongLife


Our most durable anti-reflective coating

Hi-Vision LongLife has proven to be our most durable anti-reflective coating. Offer your patients the guarantee of exceptionally clear, relaxed vision and the peace of mind that the look and functionality of their lenses will last. The coating’s scratch-resistant, water-, dirt- and dust-repellent properties will essentially remain intact, even after intensive cleaning. 

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Hi-Vision LongLife BlueControl

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Providing comfortable vision in a digital world

Blue light is a natural phenomenon present in daylight and known as high-energy visible light when emitted by the screens of our smartphones, tablets, computers and televisions. Extended exposure can lead to eye strain, eye fatigue and even sleeplessness. With Hi-Vision LongLife BlueControl, you can offer your patients blue light protection and ensure relaxed vision, as well as better ocular health. 

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Hi-Vision LongLife UV Control

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Protecting eyes against the dangers of UV rays

Although many of your patients might be aware of the damage caused by direct exposure to UV rays, the dangers of indirect exposure and reflections are less well known. Protect your patients with UV Control, a protective coating applied to the back of spectacle lenses that prevents UV rays from reflecting into their eyes. In combination with our lens material that blocks UV rays from the front, UV Control provides your patients with 100% protection from harmful UV rays. 

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Hi-Vision Anti-Bacterial


Protect yourself from what your eyes can’t see.

Transmitted from your hands to your glasses, bacteria can grow on spectacle lenses, creating a breeding ground for eye infections. In an era where consumers are more aware of and concerned by hygiene than ever, HOYA’s Anti-Bacterial Coating offers an effective way to reduce bacterial growth on your patients’ glasses.  

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Hi-Vision SUN Pro


Outdoor performance in style

Your patients’ active outdoor lifestyles require high performance vision in any condition — without sacrificing style and aesthetics. Provide that finishing touch to polarized and tinted lenses while delivering optimal outdoor vision performance, enhanced durability and UV protection.  

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