MyStyle Profile

MyStyle Profile

Do you know just like fingerprints, everyone's eyes are different? This is why customized progressive lenses offer better optical performance than standard lenses. Based on research*, many progressive wearers prefer their lenses to be customized according to their activities of optimized vision.

Taking into account the popular expectations of progressive wearers, Hoya developed MyStyle Profile, which comprises 5 pre-designs, specially customized to the different wearers' common visual requirements. Regardless of what you do and whether you are a first-time or experienced progressive wearer, Hoya's MyStyle Profile offers you the high optical performance you need.

* 2018 independent consumer survey on progressive lenses in APAC markets, N=410.


New progressive wearers who want to adapt to their lenses comfortably


Outdoor lovers or wearers who require good distance visual acuity


Wearers who require good vision at all distances


Wearers who spend a lot of time indoors or require good optical clarity at close & intermediate distances


Experience progressive wearers who often view objects from a distance or close-up