Sunwear and Tinted Lenses

Three people running along a beach all wearing Hoya Vision tinted lenses

Where function meets fashion

Bask in the Sun

Sun protection, glare reduction and contrast-rich vision are important for the active outdoors wearer. Hoya Vision offers a range of functional sun lenses which allows wearers to enhance their fashion too.

About Hoya's Sun Lenses - Eyeveil 3 and NuPolar

Hoya offers sun solutions which includes UV coating, tinted and polarised lenses, provide better visual performance, colour contrast and reduces eye fatigue, allowing wearers to enjoy every moment under the sun with comfortable vision. 

Two people on a yacht with the sun glaring behind them

Contrast Enhancing Tints

Colored lenses for sports

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Eyeveil 3

Live life in full colour

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Seize the moment. Drop the glare.

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