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Get ready for next-level clarity with Hi-Vision Meiryo. We understand that when you buy a new pair of glasses, you expect nothing less than crystal-clear vision. But what most don't realize is how easily everyday scratches and smudges ruin that initial sharpness. That's why we've created Hi-Vision Meiryo: our most advanced premium spectacle lens coating yet.1

No matter what life throws at you, Hi-Vision Meiryo gives your spectacle lenses protection that will outlast your prescription.

True clarity that lasts. Leaving you nothing but carefree, glare-free* vision no matter what life throws at you.

* Hi-Vision Meiryo boasts enhanced anti-reflectance properties, meaning less glare and greater clarity. This also means your eyes will appear perfectly clear to others and in selfies.

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Hi-Vision Meiryo

With its wide array of features designed to improve the durability of your lenses, your glasses will be equipped to last beyond their prescription.


With surface lens protection that extends the lifetime of your spectacle lens, we’re confident that Hi-Vision Meiryo will be your coating of your choice.

56% lower reflectance compared to competitor’s best coating.2

Up to 2.5x better scratch resistance compared to other coatings on the market.3

Maintains 'easy clean' features up to 5x longer than other available lens coatings.2

Variety of benefits

Your lenses give you the freedom to see clearly – but wearing spectacles isn’t always convenient. With Hi-Vision Meiryo, you’ll be able to live with the clarity you deserve. 

Trattamento antiriflesso

I riflessi causano irritazione e affaticamento degli occhi. Questo trattamento minimizza i riflessi e offre una visione rilassata e una protezione ideale.

Contro lo sporco

Grazie alla superficie estremamente liscia e alle proprietà della lente che ne facilitano la pulizia, è possibile rimuovere facilmente sia l'unto che lo sporco. Anche dopo un uso prolungato e dopo ripetute operazioni di pulizia con gli appositi panni.


Impedisce alla polvere di aderire alla superficie della lente, fornendo una visione nitida in ogni circostanza. 

Resistenza ai graffi

Graffiare le lenti è fin troppo facile. Questo trattamento ultra-resistente consente di ridurre al minimo il rischio.


Assicura che le gocce d'acqua abbiano una presa minima sulla superficie della lente. Visione ottimale in caso di pioggia o condensa.

Protettive UV della superficie esterna

Protezione UV al 100% su tutti i materiali.

Enhanced contrast

Enhanced contrast and glare reduction during the day and at night. 

The do’s and dont’s when looking after your lenses

Helpful tips for maintaining your lenses and ensuring a longer lifespan.

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Why should you choose a lens treatment for your glasses?

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How to clean your micro-fiber eyeglass cloth

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