UV Control

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Protecting your eyes from the dangers of UV

100% UV Protection

While sunlight can make one feel good and helps in the production of Vitamin D, UV rays from the sun can be harmful. UV rays have been linked to cataracts and other eye disorders and diseases. Children, seniors and those who spend a lot of time outdoors are particularly vulnerable. 

About UV Control
Hoya's UV Control is applied to the back of your lenses to prevent indirect or reflected UV rays from reaching the wearer's eyes. This innovative approach guarantees 100% UV light protection.

Available with Hi-Vision LongLife, the hardest and most durable anti-reflective coating available on the market, UV Control:

  • Helps prevent UV aging and damaging the eyes
  • Helps protect against UV-related eye disorders and diseases
  • Provides constant UV light protection
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The eyeglass wearer will benefit from

Protection against harmful UV rays

Prevention of sun damage when outdoors

Shielding of reflected UV rays from entering the eyes

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