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Lens design

The lens design depends on the type of correction you need and your daily activities.

Female riding a bicycle wearing eyeglasses with Hoya Vision single lenses

Single vision lenses

For just one prescription, distributing focus evenly over the entire surface of the lens.

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Male wearing eyeglasses holding mobile phone at a train station

Progressive lenses

For people who have presbyopia and need various correction areas providing clear, relaxed vision at all distances.

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Male working indoors wearing eyeglasses with Hoya Vision indoor lenses

Indoor lenses

For people whose visual tasks are based predominantly around near and intermediate vision.

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Male working on a laptop indoors wearing eyeglasses with Hoya Vision signle vision lenses

Special lenses

For specific activities or needs, e.g. children's lenses, sports lenses, computer lenses etc.

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Lens coating

Coating adds specific features to the lenses, making them anti-reflective, scratch-resistant, colored or contrast-enhancing. The chosen features enable the lenses to better suit your needs and preferences.

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Hoya Vision learn more about eyeglass lenses lens material

Lens material

Even lens material is a matter of choice since different materials will affect strength, weight and aesthetical impact. The higher refractive index of the material, the thinner and lighter the lens will be.

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