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Sync III 新視界數位鏡片

放鬆雙眼 開拓數位視界



現在 Hoya正推出這系列產品的第三代,改良優化的輔助性鏡片,專為舒緩雙眼,放鬆您的視界所設計。

SYNCIII 配戴者享有的好處:


Captain Cook Research.Digital behaviour and digital eye strain.Hoya, April 2017, the Netherlands & USA.
Ang, C. et al.‘Taking the strain’.Optician.05/2017, vol. 253, no. 6600, p. 25-28.

In a recent study**, the severity of eye strain symptoms was reduced with 84% for those people wearing a Hoya accommodative support lens such as Sync III.

Product benefits

Applicable to the wide target audience of digital device users

Three power boost options for different user profiles

Easy lens recommendation via the Sync iSelect App

Ideal opportunity to distinguish your business in the over-commoditized single vision lens space

One of the best things to do is to offer your patients solutions such as the Sync III lens

Dr. Thomas Gosling, OD in Denver, Colorado (USA)

Your customer benefits from

Relieved digital eye strain

Enhanced visual comfort throughout the day