visuReal Master Mirror


The visuReal Master is a wafer-thin mirror, equipped with 6 autodetect cameras, for fast and accurate centration measuring.

There’s no need for a setup clip, and no need for your patient to turn their head during measuring.
The system is available as a separate hanging mirror, ready to be fitted seamlessly and unobtrusively into your practice interior.
The subtle yet eye-catching design makes Hoya visuReal Master even more appealing for your patients to use.


The ideal system to suit your store

With powerful yet unobtrusive technology at your fingertips,
you’re free to focus on your patients.

  • Everything you need in one seamless, stylish system.
  • 6 high speed cameras and LED lighting.
  • No need for measurement clip.
  • Wirelessly controlled.
  • Automatically measures patient height and distance.
  • Instantly captures centration data, ready for transfer to your system.