Optimise customer experience and deliver the ultimate patient care with our tools, systems, instruments and in-store materials.

Deliver the best patient care

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As an Eye Care Professional, you know the key to patient satisfaction is providing the best experience for your patients. With the combined support of our tools and systems, essential in-practice materials and innovative instruments, we can help you shape that exceptional experience for your patients.

Advanced video centration

Our innovative video centration system calculates all necessary centration data precisely and automatically whilst blending seamlessly into your interior design. Fast and efficient without a cumbersome measurement set-up. All, so you can provide an optimal visual experience for your patients.


The visuReal Master is a wafer-thin mirror, equipped with 6 autodetect cameras, for fast and accurate centration measuring. There’s no need for a setup clip, and no need for your patient to turn their head during the meauring process. A stylish addition to any practice, providing everything you need for fast and accurate centration measuring.


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Eye examination


We provide the instruments, tools and systems to make the experience seamless for you and effortless for your patients, ensuring the highest quality refraction. To further help you deliver the best care possible, we will connect you to our best-in-class partners. 


Lens consultation - Coming soon

Image of optician holding a lens

You no longer need to worry about a lengthy consultation process, and neither do your patients. Identify the best fitting lens for your patients effortlessly and enjoy the benefit of automatic data migration from one system to another. Create a seamless consultation experience for patients with a quick, simple and intuitive process.

Image of optician holding a lens