Provide the ultimate patient experience

Male Hoya Vision optician placing eyeglasses on a female

My patients should have an outstanding patient experience

Yes, the patient experience is key to patient satisfaction and you are the director of this patient experience. Hoya Vision supports you in everything from directing patients to your store to providing you with relevant in-store material and excellent tools for personalising lenses to your patients' individual needs and preferences.

Hoya Vision's support and tools will help you provide the ultimate patient experience – an individually tailored journey where everything addresses the patients' wants, needs and personality. In everything we do, we strive for excellence in supporting your business.


An excellent range of tools

We provide the tools for making your patients' journey a wonderful experience, all the way from entering your door to exiting with optimally personalised sight correction.

Eye testing machinery


Full vision examination solution to deliver the ideal prismatic prescription. All in under ten minutes!

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Vision simulator used by Hoya Vision opticians to provide the ultimate customer experience

Hoya Vision Simulator

Using a patients' actual prescription, Hoya Vision Simulator provides a highly accurate, 3D representation of the optical effects of various lens designs and treatments.

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Hoya Vision provide the ultimate customer experience visureal portable

VisuReal® Portable

Turns your iPad into a light, mobile and very precise video centration system for your practice.

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Hands using an iPad to browse Hoya Vision frames

HVC Look

Let your patients see right away how their new lenses will fit – and what effect the given prescription or material will have on their look.

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Male Hoya Vision optician shaking older womans hand and giving her a Hoya bag

Hoya iDentifier

Define the most personalised lens design to provide the best visual performance at all distances.
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Hands holding an iPad looking at the Hoya Vision HVC viewer

HVC Viewer

An app with fully interactive augmented reality allows your patients to experience lens performance in real-life situations.

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