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Learning Disabilities Eyes and Vision


Wednesday 16th June 2021 7.30pm

Presented by Simon Berry

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10% of people with a learning disability have a serious eye condition.

60% of people with a learning disability need glasses.

It is likely that some of these patients will be missed if they do not have proper access to eye care services. A standard eye examination is not really tailored for the needs of someone with a learning disability and there may be better way of doing things. Simon Berry, renowned optometrist and current editor of the online academic journal Clinical Optometry, will join us for a lecture on learning disabilities and how the sight test can be altered to suit a person with a learning disability.


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The Role of Multi-focal Soft Contact Lenses in Myopia Control


Wednesday 4th August 7.30pm

Presented By Andrew Price FBDO (Hons)CL MBCLA

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The discussion around myopia management is undergoing a significant paradigm shift, from correction to control of myopia. Current research findings challenge practitioners to consider whether simply correcting the refractive error of children with progressing myopia is sufficient, or whether advice and treatment options regarding myopia control should also be provided to the patients and their caregivers from the outset.

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How do YOU talk about Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD)?


Wednesday 11th August 7.30pm

Presented by Richard Edwards

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Complaints around the management of Maculopathy were discussed in detail by the GOC Council at their meeting in July 2019. Increasing public expectations around lifestyle and Maculopathy are evident in complaints coming into the OCCS. This session takes the OCCS insights combined with expertise from the Macular Society and training function of Birmingham Optical Group to create three highly relevant cases to help you be better prepared and more confident in meeting patient expectations.

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Webinars Coming Soon...

Binocular Vision

Webinar coming in September 2021

Presented by Andrew Keirl


Advanced OCT

Webinar coming in October 2021

In association with Topcon 

Presented by Alison Edwards

Myopia and Dry Eye

Webinar coming in November 2021

In association with Topcon 

Presented by Sarah Farrant