Centragem automatizada como nenhuma outra da Hoya

You’ll want to hang it on your shop wall as a contemporary design element. However, this sleek mirror is more than meets the eye. It’s actually Hoya’s new visuReal Master video centring system.

Showcasing a perfect blend of aesthetics and precision, visuReal Master was developed in collaboration with industry leader visuSolution. The system is a highly advanced combination of hardware and software presented in a pleasing configuration that fits seamlessly into your business environment.


And it’s so easy to use…


Simply have your customer face the mirror at arm’s length, wearing their new frames, and start the program. The centring process is automatic from that point on.


  • Capturing the image – The system selects two of six cameras best suited to your customer’s height and face/frame type, then captures the images.
  • Checking the results– The combined stereo measurement images appear on your screen moments later. Just agree with the automatically placed centring marks, or adjust, before clicking next.
  • Evaluation– All relevant centration data is displayed in a clear fashion including box dimensions, distance between lenses, face form angle, pupillary distance, and more.


It’s quick. It’s easy. It’s a comfortable experience for your customer.


The technology behind the visuReal Master system is state-of-the-art. The ground-breaking six-camera set-up has been engineered into an extremely flat mirror case. The software is user-friendly and fast, with results available on a PC or notebook (any operating system), tablet PC (iOS or Android) or smartphone. No additional measurement tools or lateral photographs are required.

If you value elegant, subtle design and wish to make your customers feel relaxed and comfortable during the video centring process, the visuReal Master is your best choice.

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