Help you to see their world more clearly

Hoyalux iD MySelf Profile

A tailor-made progressive lens for clarity at any distance.

A progressive lenses that is individually tailored to your needs for clear vision at all distances.

We live in a world filled with digital devices, and while we love the convenience and connection, the various short viewing distances can be a real problem: switching from laptop to mobile phone, to TV back to laptop. And beyond screens, there’s still much more to see.

Hoyalux iD MySelf Profile is a new progressive lens design made up of our advanced technologies to answer the visual needs of progressive wearers in a digital world today.

Help you see their world more clearly.

Individually tailored progressive lenses can vastly improve the quality and comfort of your vision. Internal R&D research1 shows that Hoyalux iD MySelf Profile brings significant improvements in all areas that matter to wearer:

  • Who want the best viewing experience
  • Who use digital devices
  • Who want to switch their visual focus across distances easily and comfortably

Lens customization made easy

A fuss-free consultation and lens customization process

Featuring the 5 most popular customized designs based on visual needs for today's lifestyle, Hoyalux iD MySelf Profile offers wearers easy focusing across all distances and comfortable vision, also during the use of digital devices.

Standard Lens


Smooth transition from near to far distances, recommended for new progressive wearers.


Created for outdoor lovers or wearers who require good far distance visual acuity.


Perfect for wearers who require good vision and change visual focus frequently across all distances.


Designed for wearers who move around and spend a lot of time indoors or require good optical clarity at close and intermediate distances.


For experienced progressive wearers who often view objects from a distance and close-up.

A lens that’s as unique as your patient

Hoyalux iD MySelf Profile elevates binocular performance with HOYA’s Binocular Harmonization Technology and 3D Binocular Vision.


73% of presbyopes have a different prescription for each eye.2 Binocular Harmonization Technology balances the additional power difference between them. The innovative 3D Binocular Vision controls the unwanted prismatic effect at the periphery of the lens. This significantly reduces distortion and swaying effects along all dimensions whilst being easy to adapt to and giving more accurate vision corrections.

With our care and technology, we can give you clear vision, near and far

Offer premium quality tailor-made vision

AdaptEase Technology

Easy adaptation, unprecedented wide visual fields, optimized intermediate field for the pleasant use of digital devices.

3D Binocular Vision

Eliminated distortion and swaying along all dimension, instant crisp clear vision.

Binocular Eye Model

Unprecedented binocular performance in a dynamic, digital world.

Integrated Double Surface Design

  • Minimized visual distortion
  • Reduced eye movements for more relaxed vision

Position of wear customisation

takes into account individual wearing parameters for a more accurate correction
leading to enhanced visual acuity.


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