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Outstanding visual performance and pixel-clear vision for your patients.

Single vision lenses


Crystal-clear eyesight and maximum comfort

Our single vision lens designs have been perfected with recent innovations. Prescriptions are individually calculated and produced with our point-by-point FreeForm technologies. As every pixel on the lens surface has its own calculation value, each prescription can be uniquely cut into the lens. The result? You can enjoy pixel-perfect precision and outstanding visual performance. 

Nulux V+

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Tailored to your individual style 

Tailored to your individual style, frame choice and wearing conditions, this outstanding lens promotes focused vision in all directions and excellent visual sharpness. Extensive research and the very latest technological insights resulted in the creation of a highly personalised single vision lens.

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Improving visual acuity and performance

Nulux lenses are manufactured using our point-to-point FreeForm technology. This means that each prescription is individually calculated and produced, improving visual acuity and performance.  

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Sync III

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Relaxed eyes in a digital world

Do your have tired eyes and impaired vision as a result of spending too much time behind computer screens? Try the relaxing power of HOYA’s enhanced, third-generation single vision lenses, specifically designed to relieve digital eye strain. This is an ideal solution for wearers aged between 13 and 45, who spend two or more hours a day focusing on digital screens. They are equally beneficial to people focused on near-sighted tasks.

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Landscape image of female wearing glasses whilst on public transport