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iD MyStyle 2: the best technology, available to more of your patients

Your self-pay patients deserve the same technology as insurance patients, and your insurance patients deserve the same technology as your self-pay patients. 


Dual-sided optics were made available nearly two decades ago, thanks to HOYA’s iD Technology. iD Technology is also still one of the best technologies currently on the market — especially with our recent advancements. 


For years, however, our best progressive technology (found in the iD MyStyle 2) was only available to self-pay patients. With the announcement that our iD MyStyle 2 convenience options received VSP approval, we have now made it available to the majority of your insurance patients as well.


iD MyStyle2: why so convenient?

The iD MyStyle 2 convenience options offer your patients the best lens technology HOYA has to offer with a simpler, more user-friendly ordering process. These lenses are dual surfaced utilizing our iD technology to:


  • Provide clearer optics
  • Offer comfortable reading zones by taking advantage of our Binocular Harmonization Technology (BHT)
  • Create a more personalized experience by offering four unique lens designs tailored to your patient’s lifestyle


The four iD MyStyle 2 convenience options are designed to elevate the user’s experience of their progressive lenses. Each convenience option will have a different benefit depending on the lifestyle of your patient, and selecting the correct option is crucial to their satisfaction.


Download this PDF for a condensed version you can refer to as needed. 

Your iD MyStyle2 convenience options explained

The iD Mystyle 2 Modern

This is HOYA’s most popular convenience option. This design is the most balanced of the convenience options and works for many different tasks. The iD MyStyle 2 Modern is great for indoor and outdoor use and provides clarity at all distances. It is designed for people who wear their progressives daily and want one pair of glasses that works for all viewing areas.


The iD MyStyle 2 Adventure 

The Adventure option is designed primarily for outdoor use and has a strong emphasis on the distance viewing area — with near perfect edge-to-edge clarity. The iD MyStyle 2 Adventure is the perfect design option for outdoor enthusiasts, mail carriers, truck drivers, pilots — those who spend a lot of time outdoors. This convenience option is designed with distance viewing in mind.


The iD Mystyle 2 Detail 

This design is a great option for indoor use and is designed with an emphasis on the near and intermediate zones. The iD MyStyle 2 Detail is ideal for the person who spends most of their day indoors, focusing on near tasks and spending long hours on computer work or hobbies that require a lot of up-close work (i.e. puzzles, crafts, scrapbooking, etc.). The iD MyStyle 2 Detail is a great convenience option for an office setting environment, such as an accountant or IT worker, while also allowing them to utilize those same glasses for everyday use.


The iD MyStyle 2 Stable 

This convenience option is primarily used for indoor use with an increased distance zone and has a small, quick intermediate zone. It is designed for the mature presbyopes that read often yet benefit from an increased distance area to move about safely. The iD MyStyle 2 Stable is recommended for experienced wearers, seniors, people who are less active, and ST-28 converters.


iD MyStyle 2: convenient for your practice 

iD MyStyle 2 convenience options will help you differentiate your practice as a technology leader. You will also create a one-of-a-kind user experience, which will strengthen your patient loyalty and increase satisfaction — both of which will have a positive effect on your patient referrals. 


By utilizing our most premium lens technology, alongside a simple, more time-effective ordering process, your practice will have fewer non-adapts, less chair time, and fewer complaints — all of which will have a positive effect on your bottom line.


It is important to remember that all patients deserve the option to see clearly and comfortably. The iD MyStyle 2 convenience options now allow your practice to offer superior progressive lens technology for more of your patients.


Did you find this content helpful? Download this PDF for a condensed version you can refer to as needed.