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Unique composition and unrivalled optical features for excellent performance.

Lens Materials


Optical clarity and comfort

Lens materials are historically the least discussed topic when final buying decisions are made.

However, when patient complaints occur it may be due to a breakdown between the material and treatments. HOYA has the full range of lens materials to fill every need. In addition, our proprietary materials are specifically formulated to work better together with all coatings to further ensure patient satisfaction.


Our Challenge – Your Solution

Problem: Patients want lightweight lenses along with crisp, clear vision.

Solution: Phoenix is a very strong and reliable material, the ideal choice for your customers and their children when it comes to protecting their eyes.

Material Features

  • The lightest lens material available
  • UV Protection
  • Abbe value of 43 – improved optics compared to other materials

Patient Benefits

  • 60x more impact resistant than standard plastic, exceeding FDA impact guidelines
  • Up to 20% thinner than standard plastic
  • Chemical resistant
  • Perfect for kids of all ages

Clear Blue Filter®

Our Challenge – Your Solution

Problem: Patient would like blue light protection built into the lens and not have a residual color. 

Solution: Clear Blue Filter® is a great option to help provide some blue light protection without having a noticeable blue reflection or overbearing yellow hue to the lens.

Material Features

  • 100% UV blocking up to 400nm.
  • Filters damaging, high energy blue light.
  • Cosmetically indistinguishable from a clear lens.
  • Filtering properties are built into the lens, not a coating.
  • Only clear lens to obtain the Skin Cancer Foundation Seal of Approval!

Patient Benefits

  • Health conscious - want UV and indoor blue light protection
  • Additional benefit for polycarbonate lens wearers
  • Cosmetic appearance of the lens is important


Sales Aid

HOYA offers a full range of hi-index lenses including 1.60, 1.67, 1.70 and 1.74. Please consult our Technology Reference Guide for more information.

Request more information about our products

At HOYA, we are ready to answer any questions you might have, explore our potential partnership and hear the ideas you want to share with us. Get in touch with us by completing the form below.

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