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From light-adaptive, polarized and tinted lenses to mirror coatings and sunglasses in fashionable styles.

Sun Lens Solutions


Sun solutions for every need

Protecting our eyes and the sensitive skin around the eyes and eye lids is critical to comprehensive eye health.

Sun lenses play a large role in helping patients combat the negative effects of the sun … plus they look cool! HOYA offers a wide range of sun lens designs, materials and treatments that will ensure patients are protected and happy.


Our Challenge – Your Solution

Problem: Patients need a visual solution to significantly reduce blinding glare, improve contrast and decrease light sensitivity.

Solution: Only polarized sunglass lenses have the technology to selectively reduce the brightness of reflected light rays, which means greater comfort and better visibility.



  • Up to 99% reduction of reflected glare
  • Improves contrast by filtering out up to 97% of blue light than standard polarized lenses
  • Coppertone polarized lenses are darker than standard lenses, making them better for light sensitive patients
  • Available in our most impact-resistant materials – Polycarbonate (gray, brown and green) and Phoenix® (gray and brown)
  • Best protection for UV and harmful outdoor blue light

Patient Benefits

  • Reduction of reflected glare
  • Improves contrast for better visibility
  • Decreased light sensitivity—greater comfort in bright sunlight conditions
  • Superior impact resistance
  • Coppertone polarized lenses provide UV and improved blue light protection

Sensity® Family

Sensity® / Sensity® Fast / Sensity® Dark / Sensity® Shine
Sensity Shine Curator Clear image RGB

Our Challenge – Your Solution

Problem: You need light reactive lens options that perform well in all temperature and UV conditions, with options to meet multiple lifestyle needs.

Solution: The Sensity® Family of light reactive lenses provides a range of solutions for visual comfort and UV protection that is right for every patient.


Sensity Shine Curator Clear image RGB


  • Consistent performance in different climates and light conditions, thanks to Stabilight Technology*

  • Outstanding contrast and glare reduction with Sensity’s deep, natural colors

  • Reduced glare when activated

  • 100% protection against UV rays

  • Blue light protection indoors and outdoors**

Patient Benefits

Sensity 2

  • Best balance of fadeback speed and darkness for most patients
  • Darkens to a dark category 3 sun tint
  • Extremely clear indoors

Sensity Dark

  • Best for the most light-sensitive patients
  • Our darkest Sensity lenses outdoors
  • Lenses darken behind most car windshields
  • Slight tint indoors for those sensitive to indoor light

Sensity Shine

  • For wearers who want a fashionable mirror lens
  • Fades back quickly to an attractive mirror shine indoors
  • Lenses darken behind most car windshields

Sensity Fast

  • Ideal for patients who prefer the fastest fadeback
  • Darkens to a lighter category 2 sun tint back
  • Extremely clear indoors

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*Based on internal and external photochromic activation and deactivation measurements taken at different temperature levels. **Based on internal testing of average light transmission between 381nm-500nm compared to standard clear lens


Sensity are registered trademarks of HOYA Corporation.Stabilight Technology are trademarks of HOYA Corporation.All other trademarks, registered trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective owners.