Hoya Vision brings sight to developing countries

Across the globe, more than 150 million people suffer from vision impairment, but cannot afford glasses or do not have access to any kind of eye care. Children can’t go to school. Adults can’t go to work.



Through our Flying Opticians initiative, Hoya Vision has entered into a partnership with OneDollarGlasses, a charity organization dedicated to helping people receive affordable glasses that can improve their quality of life.


For just one dollar or euro, OneDollarGlasses can give the gift of sight to someone in need. Through our Flying Opticians event in France, UK, and Belgium, Hoya customers raised funds for the OneDollarGlasses organization and €9,000 was raised within one month.



As part of this initiative, four Hoya “Flying Opticians” were selected to travel to Burkina Faso, one of the major project countries of OneDollarGlasses, to see the results of their support and contribution first-hand to share their experience, vision, and expertise with local opticians- even helping with eye exams in schools.







Together with Hoya Vision and OneDollarGlasses, eye care professionals continue to bring sight to developing countries. We encourage you to visit their website!

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