Hoya takes lens centring to a new level

Precise centration and alignment of lenses within a frame is critical to achieve maximum eyeglass performance for each eyeglass wearer. Traditional lens centring however can be a cumbersome process. Not anymore.


Hoya introduces the new visuReal Master automated video centration system developed in collaboration with industry leader visuSolution. This innovative, easy-to-use system is a highly advanced combination of hardware and software presented as a stylish design element that fits seamlessly into the shop environment.




The technology

VisuReal Master has been designed to look like a contemporary wall mirror, hung as an obvious addition to any eyecare office. Yet, in reality, it is the smallest high-end video centring device on the market today, outfitted with an array of cameras to quickly collect all necessary centring data precisely and automatically.


The ground-breaking six-camera set-up has been engineered into an extremely flat mirror case. The cameras are paired with user-friendly software that displays evaluation results on a PC or notebook (any operating system), tablet PC (iOS or Android) or smartphone. No additional measurement tools or lateral photographs are required.




How it works

Customers simply face the mirror at arm’s length, wearing their new frames. As they view themselves in the mirror, they automatically assume a nature posture. A customer code is entered and the program activated. The recording and measurement process is automatic from that point on.


  • Capturing the image – The system selects two of the six cameras best suited to the customer’s height and face/frame type, then captures two frontal images.


  • Checking the results – The combined stereo measurement images appear on the device screen moments later. The ECP either agrees with the automatically placed centring marks, or adjusts, before clicking next.


  • Evaluation – All relevant centration data is displayed in a clear fashion including box dimensions, distance between lenses, face form angle, pupillary distance, monocular pupillary distance, corneal vertex distance, pantoscopic tilt, and fitting height.


 That’s it. Fast and easy.


(It is important to note that customers with severe visual impairments will be guided by light signals.)




The advantages

With a perfect blend of aesthetics and precision, visuReal Master integrates harmoniously into the optician’s business flow. The complex electronics are completely invisible. Customers merely see a mirror, while opticians enjoy the benefits of advanced Hoya/visuSolution video centration technology.


Achieving the full potential for every pair of eyeglasses requires technical skill and versatile support tools. visuReal Master is the right choice for forward thinking eyecare professionals.

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