Hoya Vision Simulator wins Lens Product of the Year in the UK

Optician Awards, a prestigious ceremony in the UK with more than 500 industry people in attendance was held on Saturday 1st April at the Hilton Birmingham. Hoya's Vision Simulator received the "Lens Product of the Year" award ahead of Eye Protect System by Essilor, Autograph III by Shamir and DriveSafe by Zeiss.


Since its launch in 2016 in the UK, Hoya's Vision Simualtor has allowed Independent Opticians across the UK and Ireland to give their patients a real life vision experience before they purchase their lenses.


The Hoya Vision Simulator is a user friendly, lightweight visor unit which focuses on lens simulation accuracy. Using patients’ actual prescription details, the Simulator displays a highly accurate, 3D representation of the optical effects offered by different lens designs and treatments.
The Hoya Vision Simulator closes the gap between virtual reality and individual reality, giving patients the opportunity to choose the ideal lenses for their lifestyle.


Andy Sanders, Hoya's Professional Services Manager - ‘Having over 30 years’ experience in ophthalmic dispensing I must say that the vision simulator is one the best dispensing innovations I have ever used. The simulator’s virtual reality mode shows an accurate representation of progressive and occupational lenses with different degrees of personalisation taking frame fitting parameters and distance centres in to consideration in order that the patient can experience the different designs.


Switching to augmented reality gives the patient the real world high tech experience rather than the charts and pictures previously used to demonstrate lenses.


Commercially the simulator not only helps to differentiate the independent practice from the competition, but also elevates the dispensing experience making upgrading to more advanced lens designs more compelling.


Hoya invests considerable time, energy and resources into the independent optical market, continuously bringing innovative technology to improve practice efficiency, the patient journey and customer satisfaction. This award is a true testament to the continuous technological developments that have been made over the last 10 years.



HOYA Lens UK would like to thank all our customers for supporting our developments, Optician Magazine UK for awarding us with this accolade and the wider team for their creativeness, dedication and innovative solutions for the independent optical market.

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