Eyvia 1.74

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Optical excellence with style

Our Thinnest Organic Lens Material
Recognised internationally* for its outstanding optical qualities and ultra-thin properties, Eyvia 1.74 is an advanced lens material which offers lightweight and elegant lenses.

* Eyvia 1.74 was the winner of the International Forum Material Award in 2011

Key features
With a refractive index of 1.74, Eyvia is Hoya thinnest organic lens material. It is suitable for higher prescription because it reduces the magnification effect caused by thicker lenses. Eyvia 1.74 is:

  • Ultra-thin for aesthetic appeal
  • Lightweight and thus comfortable to wear
  • Suitable for any frame, especially fashionable rimless frames

Key benefits
Inherently thin yet exceptionally reliable, Eyvia 1.74 is characterised by optical excellence and style. With Eyvia 1.74 lens material, wearers will benefit from:

  • Crystal-clear vision
  • Exceptional wearing comfort

The eyeglass wearer will benefit from

Flexible lenses with good tensile strength

Aesthetically appealing light and thin lenses

Protection from UV rays

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